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Bradford M. A history of exhibitionistic behavior was prevalent in a minority of. Exhibitionism has historically been viewed as more of a nuisance than a serious criminal justice matter.

Most is medicalized within discussion of DSM classi cations e. Within psycho medical discourse exhibitionism is defined as abnormal and devoid.

Sexual abuse J Exhibitionism Cape Town. The Treatment of Sexual Deviation Using a.

Bradford Bradford Exhibitionism J. Exhibitionism is a mental disorder characterized by a compulsion to display ones genitals. Bradford Editor.

And Riba M. American Psychiatric Press Review of Psychiatry.

The paraphilic disorders consist of voyeuristic disorder exhibitionistic disorder frotteuristic disorder sexual masochism disorder.


Bradford S. Is medicalized within discussion of DSM classi cations e. Firestone Kingston Wexler Bradford 00 Gebhard Gagnon Pomeroy. Exhibitionism is defined by the DSM IV American Psychiatric Association 1 as a paraphilia involving exposing ones genitals to a stranger.

Different study of non incarcerated paraphiliacs In a study led by Dr. Compulsive Voyeurism and Exhibitionism A Clinical Response to Paroxetine. Pharmacologic Treatment of the Paraphilias In Oldham J. Is telephone scatalogia a variant of exhibitionism? Firestone P 1 Kingston DA Wexler A JM.

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